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Jasmine: A Real Princess

Princess Jasmine from the cartoon “Aladdin” is not just a beautiful lady from the palace, but a symbol of strength and independence. In this block we will dive into her character and the qualities that make her a true princess.

Courage and Determination: Jasmine always shows courage and determination in achieving her goals. She is ready to fight for her beliefs and defend her freedom, even if this contradicts generally accepted norms.

Independence and self-reliance: Unlike traditional ideas about princesses, Jasmine strives for independence and self-reliance. She does not expect salvation from the prince on a white horse, but she herself takes an active part in events and solves her problems.

Kindness and Compassion: Along with all her strength and determination, Jasmine also has kindness and compassion towards those around her. She is ready to help those in need and protect the weak and oppressed.

Love and loyalty: Despite all the obstacles in her path, Jasmine always remains true to her feelings. Her story with Aladdin is a story of true love that overcomes all difficulties and trials.

Princess Jasmine is not just a cartoon character, but a symbol of strength, kindness and love. Her story inspires us and reminds us of the importance of believing in yourself and your ideals.


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Initially, in the first drafts of the script for the cartoon "Aladdin", Jasmine was conceived as a typical princess who was waiting for her savior. However, during script development, her character was redefined and she evolved into a brave and independent heroine, making her one of Disney's most beloved and inspiring princesses.

Name Change

Princess Jasmine's name was translated differently in different versions of Aladdin. For example, in some countries it was called "Yasmin", and in others - "Jasmine". This is due to differences in pronunciation and transliteration of Arabic names in different languages.

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